About us

Legalmondo is a platform of independent lawyers from over 45 countries who are experienced specifically in the issues facing the enterprise as it operate across borders.

Our members are lawyers and legal advisors who specialize in the main areas involved in international business: distribution agreements, taxes, direct investments,  corporate law, labour.

Legalmondo allows you to search troughout the world the lawyer you need, get connected and work together: all in one place, seamless.

Our Mission

In today’s interconnected world, companies large and small have an ever-increasing need to conduct business across borders.  Whether procuring capital, technology, know-how or product from business partners abroad, or setting up distribution channels or a commercial presence in foreign markets, today’s enterprises have to confront a myriad of commercial, legal and cultural challenges and barriers in going international.

Legalmondo’s mission is to allow an easy, quick and seamless connection among the enterpreneur and expert lawyers and advisors world wide.